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Indirect Brand Names: Differentiation or Fault

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Some of the most recognizable brands have names that don't necessarily directly tell us what they sell, but yet they manage to surpass the competition.

As consumers we may not even realize it, but most of the brands we consume or use frequently have an off topic brand name. For example, was Steve Jobs eating a macintosh apple when he came up with Apple Computer? What we may fail to comprehend is that the word "computer" itself is not even in the brand name Apple.

Another great example of this is Amazon. Amazon is a large online store that specializes in quick delivery and customer satisfaction. Now some may argue that Amazon's name does in fact have meaning. In the past consumers have compared Amazon.com to an amazon rainforest or jungle perhaps. This is due to the fact of the wide array and variety of products that it offers on its website. But how is it that these brand names that are so off the wall are also so easily recallable to consumers? Is it an attempt of market differentiation or done by individual fault/luck?

"If a brand succeeds no one will think twice about the name." -Tajik, Taimur

When you begin a company everyone knows that the name may be one of the most important if not the most important aspects of your future business. Research has showed that one worded brand names are easily recallable among consumers. They are clean, crisp, and demonstrate a type of innovation. However, other popular brands such as I Can't Believe It's Not butter! may beg to differ.

Brand names that are unlike any other are ones that are easy to remember and recall. Taimur Tajik says, "If a brand succeeds no one will think twice about the name." This may be true but, it doesn't mean that it isn't an interesting topic to think about. A brand's name is one of the first ways to differentiate your product. Let's say for example you are starting a gaming company. You're brainstorming names and you come down to two: Innovative Gaming or Illusion. Innovate gaming sounds a little bit unauthentic, where Illusion may be something that you see you can easily build a new innovative gaming brand around.

At the end of the day some companies may choose their brand names strategically. They could have a whole group of people sit in a room for months exploring what they may name their company, brainstorming with new words, and what they mean (or at least that's what we can think). Or another possibility is that a great brand may have always been destined to be well known by consumers, and the word (brand name) they use to label their company with is just a small piece of an overall puzzle.



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