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My Personal Branding Pyramid

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Ever wonder how someone has things that they are known for? Such as things that they excel at and make people aware of? Some may call them talents. The real question is as young professionals in the business world how do we make others aware of our talents?

The answer is: We brand ourselves.

To do so you must have a strategic plan in place that you follow, below are some insights on how I brand myself.

My Strategy:

Just like any plan I have some standards or rules that I follow to make sure everything is cohesive. To illustrate this, below I have my own Branding Pyramid that I created and follow.

My Personal Branding Pyramid: this shows what tools I focus on and utilize the most.

Breaking Apart the Pyramid:

If you take a look at my branding pyramid you first see that I have my personal website at the top. My personal website is what I consider to be my "home base" of my brand. All of my information from my LinkedIn, social media platforms, etc. can be found there. If you have your own website, it is a great place to embed your own keywords and alternate text for search engine optimization. My website also happens to be where I added my blog to share content. I try and be sure my content is relatable, useful, and insightful, which sometimes happens to also contain advice.

Secondly you have my LinkedIn. Through my LinkedIn I like to post a lot on the home page area to share what current projects I am working on and any success I am currently having in my professional settings. Receiving recommendations is also a great feature LinkedIn offers that I am trying to build more of. Additionally, constantly update your profile as much as you can (it should be as current as a Facebook Post or Tweet!). My Twitter followers are also always up-to-date with whenever I have a new blog post.

The last two factors I have are interactions and promotions. You always want new consumers to be commenting back on your posts or liking an article you shared.

Anyway you can reach someone new, make it happen!

As far as promoting I don't necessarily mean handing out flyers with your name on it around town, but there are great ways to get your name out there more that are easy and rewarding! Here are a few:

  • Interact with another professional on social media (a past professor or employer)

  • Tweet at large companies with your thoughts **Bonus: ones that you are possibly interested working with in the future.

  • Use hashtags that demonstrate your knowledge and who you want to be #DigitalMarketer #MarketingwithaPurpose

  • Take advantage of free email marketing tools to gain interactions on your website, blog, and social media

At the end of the day only you can know the correct way to market yourself, because only you know what you want to accomplish in your professional career. Try out some of my tools from my strategy and comment with how they helped you build your brand. Feel free to email me through the Contact tab on my website if you have any additional questions or think I may be of help to you or your business!

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