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Creator | Dunn It All

Through research and trend analysis, I was able to determine a potential profit & gap in the current marketplace where buyers, sellers, and collectors could collect and share ideas relating to Rae Dunn pottery.

The Facebook group, "Dunn It All - Rae Dunn WAFFLES" has grown from 0 to now over 1,200 active members in the past 4 months. I keep current members engaged by providing:

  • content

  • surveys

  • competitions

  • giveaways

This also provides incentives for new members to join! In just the few months the group has been active, I have earned profits totaling over $600. Profits come from my own personal sales on the page and fees which I now charge my page members who have successful sales on the page. 

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By Maria

Freelance | Marketing By Maria

Marketing By Maria is my self-run business for digital marketing. Currently, I am offering help with websites, social media, and consulting. All of my services can be personalized based on client needs and goals. 


With Marketing By Maria, I hope to be able to reach small businesses, young entrepreneurs, and others who are looking for affordable marketing options. I think with my up-to-date strategies and fresh take on current market approaches, I will be able to help others make their vision into a reality! Visit the official website for Marketing By Maria ( to learn more.

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Founder | Round & Round

Summer of 2017 through the European Innovation Academy, I was able to begin a business startup. My startup was called "Round & Round," an app focused on

providing parents and school administration with the ability to know when their students get on the bus and arrive to school safely.


To date, I have won 2nd Place in the March Idea Challenge Pitch Competition and 1st Place in WVU's Inaugural Demo Day which resulted in a total of $1,750 awarded funding for Round & Round.


See more at:


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Project | Nutrific
After becoming Google Adwords certified, some of my classmates and I worked closely with an entrepreneur's business, 
Nutrific. While operating an Adwords account for Nutrific, we were able to increase impressions and website traffic through targeted consumer ads.
In my ad, I focused on the area of Tribeca, NYC. I chose this area because I believed it contained consumers that fit our customer personas and therefore, would be more likely to gain interest in the ad. Interest would then turn into a "click" which then would equal an ad impression. 

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Media Plan 

Strategy | The Cupcakerie

In my Business Communication class, I had the opportunity to work with a local business, The Cupcakerie. The Cupcakerie needed to better utilize their social media platforms. I was able to observe what consumer segments they were not currently taking advantage of through their social media outlets. Over the course of a semester, I developed a plan to grow the consumer base of The Cupcakerie by the use of social media platforms.

By utilizing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest boards, The Cupcakerie had the ability to reach consumers that they had not previously acknowledged. 

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